Living the Elevated in Life Christ (Ephesians 1:15-23)

Our spiritual wisdom in Christ (Ephesians 1:15-23)
Prayer and thankfulness for their faith (15-16) The apostle commences with a prayer of enlightenment for the believers at Ephesus. The prayer was centered around them knowing what Christ accomplished through His vicarious ignominious death on cross and His subsequent resurrection from the dead.

Prayer for their spiritual enlightenment (1:17-18a) The apostle Paul intercedes in prayer with specificity. He prayed for the spirit of wisdom (Gk. Sophia-skill to execute knowledge), spirit of revelation (Gk. Apokalypsis-disclosue, to be fully know) and knowledge (Gk. Epignosis-full knowing, complete knowledge).

Prayer for their calling in Christ (1:18b) Paul recapitulates the importance of the Ephesians believers have full illumination and understanding of their calling in Christ Jesus through the elevated life.

Prayer for understanding Christ’s puissance (1:19-23) The power of Jesus being resurrected was emblematic of how believers should live in victory. We cannot attain our victory through carnal means but our victory is through the shed blood of Christ. V.23 Christ power supersedes principalities (GK. Arche-office of power or ranking power), power-(Gk. Exousia-authority) might-(GK. Dynmais strength) and dominion (Gk. Kyriotes-lordship ruling power).


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    Thanks for feeding us meat. It is of a necessity that we always watch and pray.

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      Mother McNeil:

      Thanks for my blog pray that it was insightful.


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