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The Culture War in Christendom

We live in a culture where Christians are being challenged with decisions about politics and mores. The political climate has caused consternation among Christians whether to choose party over Christian conviction. Pundits in the media have called this a culture war of conservatism versus liberalism. It is amazing that we have labeled Christians as conservative and liberals. Even though we have placed labels on Christians this doesn’t negate following the Bible as the guide for making decisions. I would be remiss not to mentioned the cacophony between Christians over the recent campaign in Alabama. As I followed the campaign Christians were divided on whether to vote for a man who was accused of dating under age girls.

In conclusion, our culture has become miasmatic with political punditry that drives the news cycle. This news has been called fake news which devalues the veracity of those trying to report the news accurately. Christians are being wedged by the 24 hour news cycle having to chose between partisan politics or their Christian conviction. The culture warriors would have Christians believe they are on the side of upholding Biblical principles. This gives me pause are the really on the side of upholding Biblical principles or are the side of promulgating their message.

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